Green Business Tourism Scheme - Gold Award - 2008

At Heritage Portfolio our ethos is to set the highest possible standard in catering and hospitality. Our clients expect flawless organisation, spectacular design, elegant venues, delicious food and drink, delivered by a team of highly personable and professional staff.

The Directors and staff at Heritage Portfolio also recognise the environmental issues associated with our activities relating to energy, waste and water management. We aim to implement all reasonably practicable measures to prevent pollution to our surrounding environment and will comply with current environmental regulations and legislation.

In achieving these aims Heritage Portfolio will:

* Ensure that we meet or exceed all relevant and current environmental legislation regarding our business operations;

* Strive to ensure that all of our wastes are handled, stored and disposed of as required not only by legislation, but as examples of best practice;

* Work to recycle and reduce the amount of waste produced, in terms of both office and catering waste and waste produced at the events that we organise;

* Investigate measures which would reduce the consumption of raw materials (especially water, electricity, and gas);

* Strive to minimise the risk of pollutant disposal to water, land and air;

* Provide appropriate training to our employees and event staff to enable them to implement this environmental policy;

* Exercise control, as far as is possible, over the environmental impacts arising as a result of work being undertaken on our behalf by our suppliers and maintenance contractors.

Heritage Portfolio will endeavour to increase environmental awareness and understanding within the workforce in order to meet the above aims.

Our offices and development kitchens in Leith have been awarded the Gold Award by GTBS and 3 of our cafes have been merited silver awards.

As a Green Tourism Business Scheme member, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We strive to minimize operational impacts on the environment through resource conservation and environmentally sound practices. You can find more information regarding this scheme at