Whisky Galore

For the third year running, Mansfield Traquair hosted the Whisky Fringe 2012 in early August  – a wildly popular event organised in association with Royal Mile Whiskies. Attracting dram obsessives from all over, Whisky Fringe boasts 26 stands feature all the big names and the opportunity to sample over 20 examples of the Water of Life, including those from Glengoyne, Laphroig and Arbeg as well as the island malts such as the marvellously named ‘The Laddie Ten Year Old’ from Islay’s Bruichladdich.

It’s not surprising that tickets sold out in a record 20 minutes flat, as this has become an event with a real cult following. A testament to the extraordinary nature of Mansfield Traquair as a sought-after venue, the organisers are adamant that the building itself plays as important a part as the whiskies, and won’t be swayed into going anywhere else, even if that means limiting ticket sales. It is after all the perfect combination: some of the best and most unusual whisky in the world with the magnificent surroundings of Mansfield Traquair and it’s not hard to see why whisky worshippers flock to pay homage to this spirit of legend and fable in a building that is equally steeped in history.